My Kid Is A Showoff

The Princess has a friend over right now. She’s been here for about four hours in a playdate agreed upon to help out the mom (who is super nice) and to entertain The Princess. The friend is a sweet little kid – a young kindergartner though. The Princess is nearly a whole head taller than this kiddo, so inevitably when playing house, The Princess is the mom, and the girl is the baby (in fact, I had to call outside to them an hour ago to get the friend OUT of the stroller, she’s not THAT little).

They’ve been playing all day and as they sat down at the table for snacks, The Princess took out the book that her teacher had sent home for her yesterday. The teacher sent home a different book for each student – and from looking at this book versus the other books she’s brought home, I think the teacher picked one of the more difficult books for The Princess. The note says that she tailored her pick for each child – for them to practice and bring back to school when they were comfortable reading it. This book has words like “antennae” and “soldier” — this is kindergarten, mind you. But my girl? She breezed through it. I heard her reading this book, and every other book she owns to her friend. No bumps, no stumbles. She’s good – and she KNOWS it.

She has this confidence that I am not sure I’ve ever had – even at her age, I can’t remember walking around with this air of self-assurance. God knows, I don’t now. But she seems to know what she is good at, and she flaunts it and she doesn’t let anyone try to sell her short or talk her down. Nobody puts my baby in a corner.

As a parent, it’s one of those things I really hope she hangs on to as the years go by.

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