Happy Birthday Princess

Dear Princess,

Hey chickadee – today is your birthday, and you are six years old. You’ve been counting down to this day for the past month, and as the number of days got smaller the grin on your face would get bigger. You are very excited to be six.

I can’t believe you are turning six. It makes me feel kind of old (I’ll save this and when you turn sixteen, I’ll read this and think back on how young I really am right now).

You have had a big year. You started kindergarten this year, which was huge. You’ve done well in kindergarten – your teacher never has anything but good stuff to say about you. You’ve made a lot of friends. You are, as your teacher says, “More than ready for first grade!”

You learned to read this year. You started out sounding the words out, and it seemed like practically overnight, you were reading everything. The past few days, you’ve been carrying this huge book around – and you’re actually reading it. I love reading, so I’m so excited to see you enjoying yourself and starting to learn the feeling of getting lost in a book. I hope you carry a love of reading for your whole life, because it will serve you well.

You learned to tie your shoes this year. It was just one of many steps you have taken that make you more independent. Somehow, you just “got” it.

Off went the training wheels and you were flying by on your two-wheeler this year. One afternoon with grandma and grandpa and all of the sudden you are able to do what months of wobbling with dad holding the bike of your bike couldn’t accomplish. It’s just another reminder that when you’re on your OWN timetable, you seem to be able to do just about anything you want to do. And you do it well.

Six years ago, I admit, I had no idea what I was getting into. Sleepless nights, projectile pooping, all of that… I had no clue. We’ve kind of grown up together, you and me. Somedays you make me crazy, but mostly, you make me proud. I love watching the way you are with people – you have this way of getting to people, seems like everyone adores you. Sometimes your sister will ask for something and I have to tell her no – and then she goes right to you and wraps her arms around you and you wrap yours around her. I love how you love her, and how she loves you. Some day, you guys are probably going to gang up on me since you outnumber me, but for now, I’m blissing on your sisterly bond.

You are a cool kid, Poodle. I love you more and more with each passing day – and you never stop amazing me.

Love you with my whole heart,


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