Hanging in the Little Girls’ Room

Just so you know, the reason I haven’t been posting much is because it seems that most of my time these days is spent hanging in the bathroom while Pumpkin sits on her little potty, unrolling the toilet paper and shoving it in the toilet. At daycare, she stays dry all day, and pees on the potty. At home, she pees in her pull-up and tells me after she’s gone that she “has to go potty”.

She gets it, obviously, if she’s doing it at daycare. I’m a bit frustrated – but trying not to show it. I take her once every hour to sit on the potty for a bit, and then she sits and she tells me about her “puh-gina” (Oh, yeah, Hubby is loving the vagina talk: “What are you teaching my kid?!”).

Any tricks/tips/hints to make this go smoother? I’ve tried bribery – and this girl really doesn’t care that much.

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  1. Throw away the pull ups. Just tell her there are no more. You can’t buy them at the store. There is no choice but to use the potty.

    Yes, you may have to clean up a couple times until she gets it. But it took my Boy like twice til he realized it was just easier to go to the potty. A local friend just went through this too and I told her the same thing. She thought I was crazy and didn’t do it. 2 1/2 pullup weeks later she tried it and they’ve been fine ever since.

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