Ah, A HodgePodge of Stuff For Friday

Pumpkin slept through the night last night which is enough to make me a tremendously less cranky mother today than I have been the rest of the week. She’s even napping now (!) which leads me to proclaim, “Let’s hear it for albuterol!” I woke up at 6 and realized that none of my children were up. I then proceeded to lounge in bed reading a book until The Princess came in at 6:45. Wow! Is it Christmas?

Because it’s now spring break, we didn’t have any other kids coming to chill at our house this morning (and by chill, I mean, come over, argue a lot and tattle on each other about every.little.thing). This gave me and my kiddos a chance to veg on the sofa, watch some ‘toons, and move in slow-mo.

Around nine-thirtyish, we ventured out to our local grocery store (which is also the home of Starbucks and the closest Ticketmaster outlet). The girls noshed on sprinkle donuts and I sipped a truly nasty cappuccino (Honestly, I don’t know why 20% of the coffee I get from that particular Starbucks is not quite right). We wandered around killing time until ten. At ten, we were first in line for…


Ah yeah.

I got ’em, I sure did. I am so over the moon stoked about it. I haven’t seen the Counting Crows in concert since 1996 (I think). Of course, you all know I *heart* Counting Crows, so I’m pretty excited about getting to see them in concert again. It’s funny, I really haven’t been to many concerts since I’ve been with Hubby – the last one was (don’t laugh) Lilith Fair in 1997. Of course, I’m not counting the Aerosmith concert he took me to at the beginning of our relationship – true, he bought the tickets as a gift “for me”- I don’t really like Aerosmith and I’m pretty sure I didn’t enjoy the show. Silly man. And I’m not counting the Hannah Montana concert I caught in December, either.

I’m pretty hungry today – it’s grocery day and the cupboards are looking a little bare. Had I known, I would have bought something besides DONUTS at the store this morning. Ah well.

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  1. They weren’t “Top Pot” doughnuts were they? Nice score on the tickets- I used to go to concerts and then I got old (sigh). Someday I’ll tell ya about the time I met Adam from CC when I lived in San Francisco.

  2. Anonymous says

    Yay !

    You love Counting Crows. You’re going to have a good time at that concert.

    Have fun !


  3. Niki – I’d love to hear the story… I lived in the bay area when I was a kid, and haven’t been back in years though my dad is still in the SF area… 🙁 I miss it – when Pumpkin’s a little older, we’ll fly out there again. It’s been far too long!!

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