Thursday Ten, The Itchy Allergic Version

1. I had my allergy testing done this morning. Sheer misery. I’m allergic to dust, mold, cats, dogs and pollen. The doc strongly advised against ever having pets. My kids are gonna be heartbroken.

2. Saw “RENT” last night. I’ve seen it enough times that I tend to compare current and past cast members – last night’s Roger was the best I’d ever seen (he was the first winner of South African Idol, I believe – amazing voice), Collins was also pretty good (Anwar Robinson from American Idol). Last night’s Angel was the worst I’d ever seen – and the girl that played Maureen was only so-so.

3. I missed the finale of Project Runway, which I’m bumming about – but I read that Christian won and I’m totally okay with that.

4. I also missed American Idol last night, but I haven’t really heard anything about it either way, so I’m guessing I didn’t miss much.

5. If the weather doesn’t get warm soon, I’m going to go nuts.

6. I had a kick butt work out to Turbo Jam while Pumpkin slept today – sweated up a storm and then was able to shower off all the sweat and allergy stuff (not to mention all the stuff the nurse wrote on me with ball point pen!).

7. The roads were so horrible this morning. It was one of those days I realize I have an angel sitting on my shoulder – as I was driving, eight deer went charging across the road. I pressed on the brake and my car went sliding and wouldn’t stop. I didn’t slide into any other cars, and I just barely missed the last deer in line.

8. When stuff like that happens, I thank my college roommate, who I know is watching out for me. She died of Cystic Fibrosis several years ago, and it’s nice to know someone up there is keeping me safe.

9. I rented the movie “Waitress” this week. What an adorable movie. I love Kerri Russell – from way back in the Felicity days.

10. Have I mentioned lately that tax season really sucks? I wasn’t sure if I had or not, but thought I’d mention it anyway, just in case anyone had forgotten.

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  1. Art the Omnipotent says

    Okay, I love Rent, love to shower, I especially love use it to wash away all the things you can’t see. The shower is my therapy. I hate deer. I was nearly accosted by one last week. I loved, loved, loved Waitress and yes Felicity was a favorite. So many songs on my play list were tracked down after hearing them there.

  2. Art, I bought the Felicity soundtrack just for Amy Jo Johnson’s “Puddle of Grace”.

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