I am now convinced I am raising a nudist.

Yeah, Pumpkin. She’s kind of not really into that whole “wearing clothes thing”. This morning, my BFF dropped off her daughters, Pumpkin was chilling in her diaper. This afternoon, my BFF came to pick up her daughters, Pumpkin was still just chilling in her diaper. I swear, at various points in between, she was wearing clothes. She just doesn’t wanna. Saturday? Saturday, I never got her dressed at ALL. Yesterday, she was dressed most of the day.

Today, she was in her pants and shirt for about an hour before she spilled juice on her pants (then took them off), then spilled something on her shirt (then took it off). To be honest, I really didn’t feel like fighting that fight with her – I put clothes on her, she takes them off.

This afternoon, I sat her on the potty (no, she didn’t go -but she tried, which is awesome), and afterwards, she was completely running around like a little nudie-booty – and I said, “Let’s put a pull-up on!”

“No!” she protested. “I wanna be NAKED!”


Even on the days when I’m in a sweatshirt, jeans and thick heavy socks, the kid is running around in a diaper. It’s kind of embarassing. The Princess never did this, and I’m hoping this phase quickly passes.

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  1. As mother to one confirmed nudist and one up and coming nudist, Welcome to the club. We’d have T-shirts, but no one would wear them. Instead we just break out the body paint & splash our slogan across their nekked little hind ends. “No clothes are good clothes!”

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