Slacker Much?

I’ve been lazy about updating this blog and for that, I’m sorry! It’s been pure insanity in the Chronicles house lately. I’m pretty bogged down – having Pumpkin in daycare has helped, but boy, if time doesn’t just find a way to fill itself. Sheesh. I was kind of hoping to rediscover what being bored felt like. No such luck.

I’ve been stressing though, that’s for sure, and Hubby finally picked up on my subtle cues and yesterday came home and gifted me with a box from my favorite salon/day spa. In the box was a gift card along with a note saying that I had appointment times for: a manicure, pedicure, facial, hair style and makeup application… for April 16. He took the day off work and will hang with the kids while I get pampered and then after I’m all dolled up, we’re going OUT. I’m pretty excited. The pedicure alone is enough to get excited about – I sure do love a pedi. Getting pampered all day, though. Man, I can’t wait. Smart man….

In other fun news, Pumpkin and The Princess are fighting off being sick. Both have gruesome coughs and yesterday, after a day of barely touching any food, Pumpkin puked at the dinner table. Needless to say, that pretty much finished it for all of us (after I spent three and a half hours making a pot roast, no one could really enjoy it after that!). She’s doing better today, as is her big sis.

Currently I sit with my hair in a towel turban and I’m in my jammies already… Folks, it’s 6 p.m.! Hubby took the kids to my mom’s to visit a bit (she just got back from an oh-so-exciting vacation to Memphis) and he went to work for a few hours. In the quiet, I got some quality time with my treadmill, as well as doing squats and lunges while watching a mini-marathon of “Keeping up with the Kardashians” on E! I’m not entirely sure what to think about the show, but it was definitely not anything that required much thought from me – which was completely what I was going for.

Happy Sunday – may you all have a great night and a peaceful (not crappy) Monday.

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