Where Else Can This Week Possibly Take Me?!

Oh boy, and I thought YESTERDAY was a doozy.

Again, started the morning before 6 when Hubby left. Of course, Pumpkin was awake and ready to roll with the day… at 5:30. I mean REALLY. Who wakes up at 5:30 that doesn’t have to?

Again, the house floods with the children – my two, plus three others. While Pumpkin and I were downstairs, The PRincess and the other girls decided to rearrange her room. I don’t know why. No one asked me or said anything until it was done. At that time, they had dragged her (very heavy) bed directly over the heating vent – a bad thing in a room that is already difficult to heat. When I told them to move it back, they broke The Princess’s bed. Barely hanging on to my last nerve at that point, I was so frustrated. I grounded The Princess and I made the other three girls relocate to somewhere else because I didn’t want them in her room anymore.

With a little muscle (and a little blood, actually – since I scraped the hell out of my knuckles) I was able to move the bed, fix it, and get all the big furniture items back to their rightful place. I then instructed The Princess to clean it up and make it look good again.

I then had to make cookies for the school Valentines Party tomorrow. That was relatively painless.

Then, on to make a cheesecake for Hubby’s office for tomorrow. The power went out THREE TIMES while the cheesecake was in the oven. This cake is the ugliest cheesecake I have ever seen – the top is cracked in about six places. I’m sure it will still taste fine (I, um, tested the batter a few times before I popped it into the oven). But man is it ugly.

And… tomorrow is Valentines Day, which I fully expect to go by unrecognized except for a card that The Princess gave me early because she knows how much I hate VDay (“Because Dad never gets her the right thing!” she told a friend yesterday… It’s not the “right” thing… it’s anything at all…). Seeing as how I’m essentially a “single mom” (Aka Tax Season Widow) holding down the fort on my own for the most part, a card would be nice. That’s all I’m sayin’.

And it’s only Wednesday. There are two days to go. Can’t wait to see what they have in store for me.

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