What Is Your Damage, Heather?

Oh my hell, what a week. It’s Wednesday, we’re halfway through and I’m so glad to be coming out on the other side of it. Being sick really takes a lot out of me – up until today, I really didn’t have much of an appetite. I would take a few bites of something, and my stomach would start feeling queasy, as if it were telling me, “Alrighty, you’ve had enough.”

Today, the queasy is finally gone. Thank god. I had breakfast, lunch AND dinner, and my god it feels so good to eat, and have a bit of energy. I did a slow 20 minute mosey on the treadmill – not that I really needed to after six days of not really eating, but because my workouts are my sanity-saver, and it’s been a week with lots on my emotional plate.

But, rather than dwell on this week, I’ll tell you that for all the weirdness and moping I felt on top of being sick, I’m alright now. Breakdown, get up, dust off, and move on. I’m dusting off right now, and feeling pretty alright. When I was feeling kind of down, my friends proved themselves (not that they had to) a hundred million times over, and I realized how truly blessed I am in my life to have good people.

One friend of mine and I spent Monday chatting, which triggered my Amazon purchase yesterday of both “Heathers” and “Reality Bites” (and preordering Counting Crows’ new cd which will come out at the end of March). I meant to look for “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” in addition to the other oldies I ordered, but forgot. As it is, it’s going to be a total fun-fest when my movies come – cannot wait to park my butt on the couch with a double feature of sarcasm and dark comedy.

This weekend, I’ve got plans to take a day trip with a girlfriend – be nice to get out of town. We’re going to Ikea – and nothing says happiness like storage for all my kids’ toys and a 99 cent ice cream cone.

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