Thursday Ten, Volume Six

1. I have turned the corner. Eating is a go again. I am dressed in REAL clothes with my hair done, and even makeup on. I’m not one for having to be all done-up but after a week of looking like complete and total hell, it does feel good to look human.

2. My stylist gave me a sample of Aveda’s new Smooth Infusion style-prep stuff. Holy cow is that stuff AMAZING. I have naturally curly/wavy hair and it is so smooth and shiny and not greasy. Love it. Gonna have to fork out the cash to buy a full bottle.

3. Songs of the week: “Bust a Move” by Young MC. It’s classic and I’m not sure why it wasn’t in my music library until now. When you’re feeling down, you should definitely search your old school roots for a smile.

4. I have to go to Stepson’s school after The Princess gets on the school bus. Despite Hubby’s repeated reminders to “not forget your lunch!”… of course, he did. I hate Thursday mornings. Hubby leaves for work and I end up with six kids here, including Stepson while he waits for his school bus to come. His bus seems to get here later and later every week. I always tell him about five minutes before the bus is due to get his coat and get all of his stuff together… then he grumbles and moans about it. He sits back down, reads his book and doesn’t pay attention to what’s going on outside, until I finally look up and realize that duh, his bus has been sitting at the end of our driveway for I don’t know how long. This WILL be the last time I take his lunch to school. I didn’t even want to do it today.

5. Have I mentioned how much I am looking forward to getting out of town on Saturday?! I am. A lot.

6. I have the most kick-ass friends ever. They know who they are, they know what they’ve done. Love you guys!

7. Sometimes I get very mopey about stuff. I admit, I have been this week. But, you know – you get to breakdown, pick yourself up, dust off and move on. As Jon Secada oh-so-wisely said (oh, google him if you don’t remember his pop hits from the 90s): “Things are only as important as I want them to be…” Amen.

8. Now that I have an appetite back, I’m unstoppable. I’m freakin’ HUNGRY.

9. I have to go to the store after dropping of Stepson’s lunch. If my Starbucks still has gingerbread latte, I may do a really big happy dance. It would be a sign, for sure, that things are turning around.

10. Tomorrow’s Leap Day. I personally think it’s kind of dumb – and only remember Leap Day when I was in college. That was the day I flunked a pretty big Stats exam – so phooey on you Leap Day. I’m not sure the significance of it, but, whatever. Once every years is fine by me… I guess.

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  1. So glad you’re feeling better!!

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