A Much Needed Atta-Girl

In the midst of my dealing with my two crazy kiddos, a husband who is swamped with tax season, and a stepson who can make me crazy oftentimes it seems like my job (you know, the one that gives me a paycheck) is just background noise. I do my work, and it’s just part of my daily routine – I work, I get stuff done, and nothing really happens.

Yesterday, I had an hour-long call with my boss. It’s been months since we’ve spoken to be honest, and the general feeling I have is that people forget that I’m still a part of the company because I’m not there and in their faces daily. Yesterday, she and I talked about the previous year, and plans moving forward, and it was the first time in a VERY long time that I felt appreciated, needed and respected. It felt so good that I was basically floating on a high all afternoon yesterday – and admittedly, even so far today I feel good (with the exception of a blossoming headache because Pumpkin smacked me with her placemat in my noggin – which doesn’t sound painful, but oddly enough REALLY was).

My boss expressed happiness at how I do my job. She talked about things I could do moving forward – that there are definitely opportunities, particularly if I decide I want to take on more hours or return to full time. Given that some days I want to pull my hair out and how I’ve always been concerned that when I’m ready to return to fulltime work, there just aren’t going to be opportunities there – it felt pretty good. I have a feeling that within the next year, I’m going to be ready to take on more hours – by then, The Princess will be in school full time every day, and Pumpkin may be in preschool some… I really think it might be good for all of us if I have a little bit more of a life going on outside the walls of my home (though, I guess, technically, it’ll still be INSIDE the walls of my home, as I’d still be working from here).

There will be opportunity for me to travel this year – at least once. The timing on that trip is looking to be not too long after the close of tax season – PERFECT timing, as I will be so so ready to get out of here for a few days – even if it’s work related (even better, not on my dime!).

I’m still smiling about it. I really needed that.

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  1. Good for you, S !!! 🙂

    Glad you heard some positive feedback from your boss, and you got the acknowledgement you deserve.


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