The Diagnosis Is…

I have yet ANOTHER sinus infection. After too many days of nausea and feeling like complete and totaly doody, I went to the doctor. He said that my allergies are crazy-out-of-control and that it’s causing me to have “recurrent sinusitis”. Blah.

I’m on antibiotics and I have an appointment with an allergist next week (I’m sure the Thursday ten will merely be a list of every freakin’ thing I’m allergic to) for three hours of scratched and poked. Can’t wait.

(Actually, a small part is half excited about my little outing out without kids – sad world, right? That getting stabbed with small needles and made to itch constitutes a day-out?!)

Anyway – a few days of feeling like hell, and a less than pleasant afternoon led to…

Fun IM’ing with a friend today which reminded me I need to find the movies: Heathers and Reality Bites (neither of which I could find at Target).

And this evening, I went to Target with my BFF, because we’re cool like that – for a little retail therapy. I got some new casual sneakers, I guess – because my old ones were bugging the hell out of me. I think I’ve had them for three years, and that’s far too long. My policy is to get rid of a pair of shoes when I get a new one (usually), so my yucky old ones are hanging in the trash right now, waiting for pickup tomorrow. And my new ones are adorable and spunky and make me forget I’m sick… at least temporarily.

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  1. Oh, I feel sorry for you. If I knew your address, I’d send you a case of Benedryl to indulge in after that test. When I took the test, my mom had to hold my arms because I wanted to scratch so badly. Of course, they found out I was allergic to every living thing under the sun. I lived on Zyrtec for years.

    Now that I live in another part of North America, I seem to have a bit of a reprieve, except for the copious amounts of mold that grow here in seconds. I used to take Zithromax more times per year than I could count for infections (and that was AFTER sinus surgery), but lately the thing that has done the trick for me is prescription nose spray (gross but helpful) and this crazy sinus irrigation kit that a South African doctor told me to get. It’s a bottle that you fill with water and this packet of white powder that takes the sting of the water away. Oddly enough, writing that makes it sound like I’m on drugs or something. But it’s not a drug. It’s a great and easy way to clear out sinuses, and I swear by it. I honestly think it has helped me keep the antibiotics away. Well, that and oil of oregano. (Whether or not the oregano really works is beyond me. But it seems to do something, because I’m sick a whole lot less these days.)

    Anyway, I hope some of that might help. But mostly I just hope you can feel better soon! Especially during this crazy tax season!!!! Does the allergist give out gingerbread lattes from Starbucks to patients who are good? Just wondering… =)

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