Two Latte Lunch

Mission: Accomplished! My Christmas shopping is done! Done! Done! (Slight exceptions – I have yet to purchase anything for my grandparents or anything for my Mother and Father In Law – and I will leave the In-law gifts to Hubby, because I really REALLY don’t want to shop for them – a sample of a requested gift from my mother-in-law in years past: a Chia Pet).

I headed out of the house around 11:30, knowing full well I would be getting to the mall around lunch time, and was really looking forward to going to Starbucks for a gingerbread latte lunch (yes, latte for lunch – you got a problem with that?). Because I am so rarely out and about without my kids, I admittedly dawdled all over the mall. A couple times. I found a gift for The Princess’s teacher. A few more stocking stuffers for the girls. The gloves that Hubby had asked for and I had forgotten to buy previously (whoops). Oh, and a few new shirts for me (I know, I know). Then I wandered to the movie theater, got movie passes for my mom and her husband, and my sis and her boyfriend – then to a restaurant to buy them gift cards for dinner as well. I’ll be calling it Date-In-A-Box. Not sure what else I might put in there, though.

I fought the hellish Mall Parking chaos to get out to get to Meijer to buy a DVD my brother wanted. There, I hit Starbucks for a SECOND latte (remember, this was LUNCH. A gal can’t live on just one latte! I was doing a lot of walking!!!). Started driving home, and got wrapped up in a cell call and totally took some long, weird route home. Whoops.

All in all, I was away four hours. I came home and Hubby was completely wiped out from four hours alone with the kids. While I should have sympathy, I don’t because, well… Welcome to my world. And, did I mention: MY CHRISTMAS SHOPPING IS DONE?!?!?!?!

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  1. yahoo for you!! hope you’re feeling better.

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