Tomorrow is a BIG Day

I cannot believe that tomorrow is Christmas Eve day. For all my scrooging and bah humbug-ing, I’m really actually starting to feel the spirit a bit. Shucks- I even plugged in the Christmas tree lights tonight! Part of what has finally started to lift me about the holidays is the fact that my daughters are so excited. The Princess has been well aware of the magic of Christmas for a few years now, but last year, Pumpkin was only starting to get it. This year, she gets it.

Lately, when we drive down the street at night and she sees a house with decorations: lights, inflatable Santas, you name it, Pumpkin gets this look on her face and says: “Everybody’s ready for Christmas again!” It’s adorable – and she just says it over and over with each decorated home we pass.

Tomorrow, we make Monkey Bread for our Christmas morning breakfast. We’ll also be preparing brownies for a Christmas dessert (brownie sundaes with PEPPERMINT ice cream and hot fudge – yeeeeeeeeeeeah). I did make a run to Costco and bought a gigantic pecan pie for those who might prefer a more traditional holiday dessert (weirdos). Already, I’m looking forward to the cinnamon smell of the monkey bread that will take over the house. Then it REALLY feels festive.

Tomorrow, we’ll also spend much time online tracking Santa’s whereabouts on the Norad site. I am more amused by it than the kids are, but, that’s alright!

We’ll let the kids each open one present before bed. We’ll be taking Stepson home tomorrow night so he can spend Christmas day with his mother – she’ll bring him back later Christmas day for the rest of the week with us. Then it’s freakin’ Christmas.

Wow. Time flies.

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