A Shinier, Happier Person Today

Today, I got to sleep past six (barely, but that’s alright), and I am feeling a smidge better and a smidge less Scrooge-like. Hubby was able to take a late lunch and as I type, he is probably eating cupcakes with 20 other sugar-buzzed kindergartners. This is actually an awesome turn of events – I do handle the bulk of the kid-related things – it’s nice for her to have him there for a change. And it’s nice for him to be there and see how crazy-making those things can get!

Of course, my conference call was somehow cancelled, and though Pumpkin is taking and needing a nap – it kind of irks me that that was the reason I stayed home, and it was all for naught. Oh well – bright side: No conference call. That’s good stuff.

Pumpkin and I ran some errands this morning. When we got home, she asked to play in the playroom. She proceeded to entertain herself among the toys for nearly two hours. It was amazing. It’s a fantastic mess in there now – but she was having so much fun. She also spent much time on The Princess’s bed “reading” many many books. She’s getting to be such a big girl.

One of our stops this morning was to the library. I picked up a ton of Dr. Seuss books because nothing is as much fun to read as one of his verses. How can you be in a funk when you’re reading about Sylvester Monkey McBean or Daisy Head Mayzie? I am excited to read the books to the girls tonight – what fun we’ll have!

At the library, we ran into a friend and her 6 month old baby. Pumpkin looked at him and said, “When I was a baby I used to be little.” She is completely exploding verbally, and it’s so much fun. She’s still hard to understand a lot of times – which is difficult because even at 2, The Princess was so well-spoken and easy to understand. But, kids are kids.

So, it feels a bit better to be on the other side of my mood, and I’m grateful for the new day and the better attitude, because yesterday? Yesterday straight up sucked.

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