I Got Nerve

I also got a headache.

The Hannah Montana concert has secured my position in the running for Mother of the Year (I met my other competitors last night, actually – lots of quite lovely moms and dads, and the not-so-lovely shove-ahead-of-you-in-line-for-souvenirs variety). When we got downtown near the arena, we found that parking was not going to be as easy to find as we had hoped – and there were kids EVERYWHERE. The Princess and her friend, L were getting antsy in the backseat (“Just find a parking spot already!” – Sure, I’ll get right on that). I finally told them to zip their lips and we’d find a spot when we found one. I wasn’t in the mood to drive around town all night!

We entered the chaotic arena, found our seats and got settled in. I left the girls with L’s mom to go get souvenirs for the kids (a Hannah shirt for The Princess, and a Jonas Brothers shirt for Stepson, who will probably hate it, in which case, it’ll fit me, and I’ll wear it around the house, because why not). The line was a complete chaotic mess – and there were people with their kids, obviously. Kids were getting completely freaked out because it was so jam packed, they would lose track of their parents in the crush. It was NUTS. That was about when I started wishing Hubby and L’s stepdad had taken the kids – figuring the men would have been a bit more aggressive in getting through the line. Took me about a half hour.

I arrived to our seats in time to see the Jonas Brothers open the show – they were more enjoyable than I thought they would be. Of note: they wear their pants too tight. I don’t get the whole skinny pants thing. I don’t like it. I REALLY don’t like it on guys/boys. Ick. But their set was short and sweet, and the girls loved it.

Then waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiting for Hannah.

I have to say, the coolest part for me was seeing the look on my daughter’s face when Hannah arrived on stage – all the lights and pyrotechnics stuff. The Princess was truly amazed. Though there were way more wardrobe changes than I thought were necessary (man am I old), it was an entertaining show for the kids and they really liked it. We were able to exit quickly enough after the encore to beat the rush getting to the cars. We arrived home at 10, and The Princess crashed in bed.

This morning, she’s wearing her Hannah t-shirt and carrying her Hannah glowstick for show and tell.

As for me, I have Hannah songs stuck in my head (if you were wondering, it’s the Hannah/Jonas Brothers song), my head hurts a little, and my abs hurt because even in the midst of all that preteen excitement, I never stopped coughing and I now feel as though I spent last night doing 10,000 sit ups.

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  1. a wandering heart says

    I don’t envy you one bit. I’m glad you survived, at least. I think my abs have grown stronger in the past 2 weeks from coughing, too.

    Congrats on being Mom of the Year. 🙂

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