Hodge Podge

Since I’m still feeling kinda sorta under the weather, and having a hard time feeling gung ho about putting together several paragraphs relating to the same topic, I’m just gonna warn you up front: I’m scattered and I’m medicated. Bear with me.

We found Izzie, The Original. Just over 24 hours after Izzie 2.0 was purchased, my friend’s daughter was digging through a basket of kids’ books we keep in the living room. Voila! There Izzie was. Pumpkin is thrilled. She has two little pigs and is very happy about it.

Last night was Hubby’s company Christmas party, which to be honest, I was dreading. I don’t know many of his coworkers, I was feeling under the weather – and well, CPAs aren’t necessarily known for being the lives of the party. Hubby likes to think he’s an anomaly in the accounting world. I was practically the only woman NOT wearing black and red (I must have missed that memo?). It was slow to start, and I actually found his coworkers much more amusing after a drink. We sat at what felt like the “kid table” – the youngest of the bunch (not that they were much younger than us). One of Hubby’s coworkers “entertained” us by singing Christmas carols into her fork (and she was stone cold sober). We had a fairly generic dinner, and spent much time schmoozing with the people. It was tiring, and ultimately the highlight of the evening was the “Top 1o Accountant Pick Up Lines” that the DJ read – which had us laughing so hard – Hubby actually cried (Example: “Nice assets.” – that wasn’t the most amusing of the lines, but the ones that really made me laugh are somewhat questionable – so feel free to Google ’em if you’re curious!).

Stepson is having major drama at school. I’m not going to elaborate for now… but, what a mess! I keep waiting for things to get easier, and then they don’t.

Tomorrow is my self imposed deadline for finishing my Christmas shopping. I’ve already told Hubby that he can stay home with the kiddos while I wrap things up. I need to get done without listening to “I want” and “Gimmee”. All I need is a few uninterrupted hours and a gingerbread latte, and I may meet my goal.

Ahhhh. There’s the hodge podge for you. TGIF, y’all. Here’s hoping I experience a miraculous recovery over the weekend and am able to get through a day without an oh-so-attractive coughing spasm.

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