Have I Mentioned Patience Isn’t My Strong Suit?

I’m currently on “hold” waiting for customer service chat to figure out why on earth Windows keeps crashing on me. I was online with customer service awhile ago – I ran a Systems Restore at their request. They neglected to mention that it would boot me offline to restart, and that I would end up having to rejoin the queue for support. Fantastic. Doesn’t quite seem fair. The systems restore actually may have helped – at least, my computer didn’t crash when I restarted it like it’s been doing (Anyone else hate Windows Vista? Show of hands, please). HOWEVER, the suckiest part is that I’ve lost some programs that have been installed in the interim… and I’m NOT happy about that.

Gearing up to head out of town on a day trip tomorrow (YAHOO!). I can only say that I am in such need of time sans kids that we could go spend the whole day doing darn near anything, and it would be fine with me. We’ll be spending mucho time in the car, and I just don’t care. Can’t wait. Bring it on.

I made over one hundred cookies today in prep for Sunday’s cookie decorating party. After baking the gingerbread cookies, my house truly smells festive. But now I’m hanging out FAAAAAAAAR away from the kitchen. Must. Not. Eat. All. The. Cookies.

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