DayQuil Is a Perfectly Healthy Lunch

Okay, it was bound to happen – the kids have been sick off and on for weeks/months (Years?!). Even the little ones that come hang out before and afterschool have had coughs and sniffles and who knows what other crud for the past few weeks. This weekend, it has hit me and I’m NOT happy. Sure, I’m doing okay, and it could totally be worse – I could have an upset stomach and be pukey (I hate that). I just have a stuffy nose and a horrible cough. I took DayQuil thinking it would help, and it kind of sort of has quieted my cough… but I’m freakin’ tired. DayQuil shouldn’t make you tired, should it?

Pumpkin is napping, and I’ve decided to go all out and let The Princess watch a nice long Mickey Mouse movie – the quiet is nice, and it gives my brain a chance to rest.

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  1. I feel your pain, dearie. Cold-Eeze seems to be helping.

  2. rudecactus says

    And honestly you can never get enough brain rest!

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