More Unexpected Good

Just a few things of note that are awesome this weekend. The first thing being: They found an assisted living home for my brother, he was accepted, and he’ll move in in the next few weeks. This is a huge weight off everyone’s shoulders and a huge relief. He is excited, as are my parents, who can go back to blissfully ignoring each other.

Also, my dad did NOT flake out on me this weekend – he even showed up (nearly) on time this morning, bearing a cappuccino. He stayed several hours until my children said, “You’ve been here a real long time”, and left just before I went to meet a friend for some (more) coffee.

Great conversation with my friend over coffee – we don’t do that nearly often enough! I had a great time, and was able to be out of the house sans kids.

ALL good stuff.

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  1. Glad your parents found a safe place for your brother. Yay !


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