In The Sad World Of Motherhood…

It’s kind of pathetic to me that I can identify and locate my kids’ stuffed animals based on their names. They have about a zillion stuffed toys – and fortunately, only a handful are meaningful enough to them to be named – but by god if you can’t find Wilbur or Izzie when they want them, you’re in for a miserable time!

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  1. Ok, I figure Wilbur is the pig from Charlotte’s Web, but Izzie? Did they make a Grey’s Anatomy stuffed animal?

    Just Kidding. My son’s favorite was a dog named Henry…my daughter’s a handmade doll named Cathy. The favorites ALWAYS have a name.

  2. Actually, it’s Izzie the Piggie – because Izzie almost rhymes with Piggie. ; ) That’s the kiddo logic to the name!

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