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As a rule, I kind of don’t like John Mayer. Don’t know what it is about him – maybe it was that stupid “Your Body Is A Wonderland” song (Come on – “bubblegum tongue”? Puh-lease). But, last month, Starbucks had this nifty little Song of the Day program dealy where you could get a free iTunes download daily. One of them was John Mayer’s “Dreaming With a Broken Heart”… and I’m surprised that I really like it. But, with the interview with John Mayer in Rolling Stone, it doesn’t matter that he has one good song – the guy still freakin’ bugs me.

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  1. At first I liked that song. But then I heard that during sound checks he sings “Your body is a Taco Stand” and now I can’t sing it any other way.

    And also they used his song on So You Think You Can Dance where each contestant did the exact same dance to the exact same song. I can’t handle that one anymore either.

  2. Your body is a TACO STAND?


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