Hazy Shade of Winter

(Sheer irony that this song was on my iPod was I was gearing up to post).

It’s cold today, ya’ll. So cold that about 45 minutes after the school bus came to pick up The Princess, I figured I probably kinda might want to take her snow pants to her at school – they don’t care how cold it is, they still send the kids outside to play. Never mind that the wind is blowing so hard today that my trashcan blew over – I’m thinking my trash can has to be heavier than many of these kindergartners who probably don’t stand a chance at staying upright in these gusts.

This is a day that begs for hot cocoa (which I now make less hot than I used to last year, for those of you concerned – I’ll also drink it out of a travel cup with a lid so as to make it less easy for myself to get scalded if I happen to drop it). This is also a day that begs for comforty winter food. On our menu tonight is a Beef & Beer Chili from Cooking Light magazine. Looks like it’s a speedy preparation (a plus) – we’ll see if it makes it past the kid-critics though, as only one of them likes beans.

This is a day that begs for mellow music (which prompted my latest iTunes purchase – Jeff Buckley’s “Hallelujah” – why didn’t I have that yet?).

I have sunshine coming through my slider, and after six loads of laundry, the downstairs smells like Tide and Downey. Not bad. But it would be better about 40 degrees warmer.

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  1. Oh I want hot chocolate. It’s all snowy today and I had to go get a cozy sweater to wear. (Yay Eddie Bauer-Mind you I said Cozy, not pretty). And now Hot Chocolate would be good.

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