Bursting My Bubble Already

Okay, I know that there is no reason whatsoever that I needed to have had four Gingerbread Lattes within six days (I think), but today, The Princess wanted a Starbucks kids hot cocoa, and since we were there anyway… I figured I’d get another Gingerbread Latte. Like you wouldn’t have done it too – I mean, we were ALREADY THERE!

The barrista prepared our drinks, and we hightailed it through the 23 degree weather to the car and that is where I took the first sip of the NASTIEST GINGERBREAD LATTE EVER MADE. I’m guessing that the gingerbread syrup was just not quite right. It was a bitter, nasty drink that I actually ended up tossing, nearly full, into a trashcan at the gas station (my next stop in the errand running).

Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan. What a bummer.

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  1. I love their peppermint mochas! Awesome!!

  2. Ohhhh me too. I ordered a caramel apple cider and it was all weird. Some sort of extra spice added and it was All Wrong. Goodbye 3$.

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