Whole Lotta Crazy

This morning was the first day of having my friend’s kiddaroonies come to my house in the morning to wait for the school bus. Already, we have The Princess’s BFF who comes over at 7:30. The Princess only has school 2 – 3 times a week (kindergarten schedule is screwy), so she is not always getting ready and going in the morning.

Now, we’ll have my two kids, the BFF, and my friend’s two kids. That’s FIVE. Holy cow.

We eased into it this morning – only one of my friend’s kids came over. The girls got along alright, they got on the bus alright. The kid that came over is a compulsive neat freak (she gets it from her mom), and she organized cleaning of the playroom. How awesome is that?

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  1. Can you send her to my house??

  2. And, when the bus dropped her off after school, she helped The Princess clean her room too. This ROCKS!

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