My Floor Is So Clean You Can Eat Off Of It…

…but don’t because that’s just gross.

I admit, as far as being productive goes, this weekend wasn’t it for me. Hit hard by the crud on Friday, I decided to camp out on the couch most of Saturday doing nada but watching more productive people than I whip up snazzy looking meals on the Food Network. The weather was chilly, grey and drizzly (for the most part) and it was the kind of day that begs to be wasted. And I did. Fantastically. The day ended with a big bowl of Edy’s French Silk ice cream and re-watching “Knocked Up” (which is hilariously funny in a really gross sort of way).

Yesterday, I headed to Ikea with my good friend and her sister-in-law. All told, I’m sure we spent more time in the car than we actually did shopping, but that’s okay by me. I’m not a huge shopper. We got the things we were wanting from Ikea (some cool storage bins for the kiddos, especially. Ikea is great for storage bins), then dashed over to a shoe store for a sale. I got a fun pair of shoes and a pair of snow boots for The Princess – as goodness only knows when the snow will start flying here… and her boots from last year are two sizes too small.

I came home feeling pretty rejuvenated, but the house was a wreck. Hubby had been hanging with the kids (all three of them, as Stepson was here this weekend), and when you’re so far outnumbered, it IS sometimes hard to stay “on top” of things. Unfortunately, their big project yesterday was carving pumpkins and then doing something with pumpkin seeds. I’m not entirely sure what they did with the seeds – I just know that I had pumpkin seeds all over the stove, counter, floor and there were several bowls with pumpkin seeds in them… It was a mess! I hate Halloween, I hate pumpkins, I hate the SMELL of pumpkins – so the pumpkin seeds infesting my kitchen? Ick.

On top of that, the sink was over flowing with dishes, the counter was stacked with mail and paper, and the toys managed to migrate from the playroom to the living room.


While I really hate cleaning, I love having a clean house so I’m really busting my butt to try to restore some sense of order to the house: I’ve scrubbed the stove, washed all the dishes, swept and mopped the floor, sorted and recycled most of the paper. The kitchen smells clean and lemon-scented… and I should probably move onward and tackle the rest of the house next. I’m sure by the time I finish, it will be time to start in the kitchen again.

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