Makes You Stop and Think

This was the view from my deck last night. Hard to be caught up in the stuff that bogs you down when the sky looks like art. The sky became pink then as the sun set, turned purple and then faded to night. It was amazing and I felt so lucky to have seen it.

We had our first Kindergarten Parent-Teacher conferences last night. Hubby was getting visibly annoyed with the teacher: she kept handing us things to work on with The Princess at home, songs they’ve been singing, a note asking for money for their unit on baking. As he said later, “I was wondering when she’d STOP giving US stuff to do and tell us how our kid is doing!!” Turns out, our kid is doing JUST fine. The teacher really had not much to report, as The Princess is doing quite well. She recognizes all her upper and lower case letters, can identify 22 of 26 letter sounds. She can count by rote to 69. She can rhyme. She’s right handed. She has a good pencil grip. The teacher said she really digs having her in class and that she’s confident that The Princess will definitely be reading soon. Good stuff.

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  1. What a great view ! Wow.

    Glad Princess is doing well in school !


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