A Little Love In the Mail, and Other Stuff…

Today’s mail brought lots of fun stuff including several magazines for me (Self, Women’s Health and Wired), a magazine for Hubby, AND a birthday card from one of my dearest friends. I’m somewhat of a card-whore. I love to find just the “right card” that says just the right thing. I may not always succeed, but I love shopping for cards and finding something that says just the thing I want to tell the recipient. And the card I got today was so sweet. It made me feel very happy, very loved, and so grateful for this friendship. She had given me the heads up earlier in the week that a card was coming – and she told me that what was in it would hopefully bring me a smile as well. It sure did – a Starbucks gift card. I’m definitely keeping the card though – it brought a huge smile to my face when I really needed one.


This morning, I did indeed leave Hubby on Daddy Duty while I got out of the house. After making a lovely breakfast of french toast and getting all the rugrats on the bus, I hopped on the treadmill, jumped in the shower, and then got the heck outta the house. I went to Starbucks for a cap, then off to Barnes & Noble, where I did indeed treat myself to “The Abstinence Teacher” by Tom Perotta. I haven’t started reading it yet, though – because the library called and I had a book on hold to pick up.

Hubby is now gearing up to run a 12 mile race tomorrow and I’m holding down the fort with the kids. I took the girls out to dinner with my friend and her daughter tonight, and PUMPKIN FINALLY ATE! She sat in the high chair saying, “I want a hot dog, mommy!” She ate about half the hot dog and a handful of french fries. That was the most she’s eaten in DAYS and I’m over the moon happy about it. She perked up noticeably since then, and once we got home she was almost back to normal. Here’s hoping she sleeps alright tonight. Later, as I was getting her changed into her pj’s she told me, “I have pee!” though her diaper was dry. I sat her on the potty seat and… voila… tinkle. Very very happy.

This week has taken its toll and I’m definitely exhausted (so exhausted I should be getting ready for bed instead of blogging).

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