Home Again, Home Again Jiggety Jig

With Hubby having plans to spend the whole weekend in Chicago for the Men’s Health Urbanathalon this weekend, I was fully anticipating to be on solo mom duty for a whole other day. That didn’t end up happening. Hubby came home a full night early last night. I woke to the sound of the garage door opening at about 11:30 – I had no idea he was coming home early and it wasn’t an unpleasant surprise (especially since Pumpkin was up four times last night and Hubby got up with her three of those four times).

While I was excited for Hubby to be doing this race (a 12.2 mile run which includes obstacles such as hurdles, jumping over taxis, and running the stairs at Soldier Field), having dealt with sick Pumpkin all week, I was not super enthused about going it alone. But, I did fine.

Friday, me and the girls went to dinner with a friend and her daughter. Bedtime was relatively painless (which is definitely a rare thing!), and after tucking them in I was able to veg in front of crap TV, play online, and then soak in a nice bubble bath before going to bed to read a book for far too long before I realized it was far too creepy of a book to be reading while I was home alone. As is typical when Hubby is gone, I slept lightly so of course I was tuckered out on Saturday when we went to The Princess’s school for Fall Fest.

Fall Fest involved getting the girls dressed up in their Halloween costumes and going through the halls at the school for activities, games, candy and socializing. Given the fact that Pumpkin was still coughing pretty badly and the halls were crowded, I carried her through the Fest. When you carry a 30-pound toddler for an hour and a half, the end result is a tremendous aching in your biceps the next day (which was actually a good thing – I hate working out my biceps – they NEVER get this sore when I lift weights, so… Guess I’ll be toting the kid more often!).

The Princess camped out with my mom last night and after a brief visit with my mom and her husband, Pumpkin came back home to me and was snoozing by 8:30. She’s been so sick that she’s been tremendously crabby. Naps have been off-kilter. Her eating schedule has been off-kilter. It’s been HARD.

But we did alright.

Of course, both girls were super happy to see Hubby home early. I was sure ready for the break!

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