Happy Birthday to Me

Turning 31 isn’t one of the milestone birthdays like 16 or 21. In fact, nothing good happens from here on out, does it (except I’m four years away from being able to run for President, which is good to know)? But, I’m 31 today and it’s been an alright day.

For starters, Pumpkin was up THREE times last night, and Hubby got up with her every time. Fantastic – because she’s on day four of her nap boycott, and as I type, I hear her in her room babbling, singing, doing everything but napping. I woke up at 6:40, got ready for the flood of children in my house, went downstairs to eat a quick breakfast. Found cards and gifts waiting for me on the dining table. Love it. Hubby came downstairs and presented me with beautiful yellow roses he’d picked up yesterday and hidden somewhere in the house (sneaky man!).

All the girls got along pretty well today – no bloodshed, no tears shed, no major drama. That’s a plus. Some awesome emails from friends this morning – makes me feel loved to be remembered. I needed that.

I took Pumpkin to The Princess’s school for a program they had for the kids on barnyard animals. The girls loved it – The Princess got a bit grossed out when the calf peed on the floor, though. Pumpkin and I then met my mom for a yummy yummy lunch, after which we came home to a crapload of work (me) and nap avoidance (Pumpkin).

It’s going to be an alright day.

Edited to Add: An “alright” day quickly goes in the other direction when the sleep-deprived two year old spikes a fever of 102, has a coughing fit so severe she pukes all over everything (including ME), and Hubby made a dinner unintentionally omitting a few ingredients, which made dinner kinda sorta not yummy. I’m freakin’ exhausted. But then again, it could just be my advanced age.

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  1. A very happy birthday to you, my dear. I’m sorry things turned sour for you, but welcome to the world of 31…it’s kind of nice around here.

    (and you share a birthday with my nephew)

  2. ((((Sarah))))

    Happy 31st Birthday !


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