Fun Times

Bedtimes are my least favorite time of the day, but man, if my girls aren’t keeping me on my toes tonight. Not fifteen minutes after getting tucked in, Pumpkin was standing at her door calling for me. I was somewhat ignoring her (it is bedtime, afterall, and these girls will prolong the inevitable as long as they can if you let them), until The Princess came to the office and said, “Mom, come here. You have to see Pumpkin.” So I did.

She was completely naked. She’d unzipped and removed her pj’s and climbed out of her pull-up and was standing at the door, naked as the day she was born, laughing. She apparently “hates my payamas” and she wanted a princess pull-up (instead of one with just Cinderella on it – because apparently Cinderella doesn’t count). Oy. That kid.

Then, just moments ago, The Princess came to me and said, “Mom, how do you spell ‘floss’?” So I told her. “How do you spell ‘just’?” So I told her. Then she brought me a note that said, “I Lust floss” (Her backwards ‘J’ looked like an L). Tooooooo funny.

Here it is an hour after bedtime and they are still up and at ’em. I’m ready for MY quiet time!

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