Because That’s EXACTLY the Kind of Luck I Have

This morning, I was supposed to take the girls to get their flu shots. The doctor’s office was iffy on whether or not Pumpkin needed one, and The Princess was definitely due for one. Unfortunately, Friday Pumpkin started coughing and the low grade fever set in, and this morning after a weekend with very inconsistent sleep and NO NAPS WHATSOEVER, I also scheduled an appointment for Pumpkin to be seen by a doc to make sure she wasn’t getting that nasty bronchitis that The Princess had.

I told The Princess in the car on the way there what we were doing – as I knew she would, she freaked when I told her she’d be getting a shot. She’s terrified of shots, hates them – had I told her before we left, I would have had to carry her into the car and force her in.

Soooo, we get there, and The Princess gets her shot. She was miserable – screamed and cried. I bribed her with a hot cocoa from Starbucks when we were done. The doc came in to check out Pumpkin and said that Nope, not bronchitis, just an upper respiratory infection (is that a fancy way to say ‘cold’?). He prescribed lots of fluids and popsicles.

We came home where Pumpkin (once again) REFUSED to nap. This is now DAY 3… and she was up at 5:30 this morning! The afternoon was rough – she was tired, I was tired, and no one was having any naps. About 3 p.m., The Princess started fading on me, crashed on the couch snoozing — and when I finally took her temp, it was 101!

So now, I’ve got two sick kids on my hands. Oh what fun…

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  1. Where’s Mary Poppins when you need her?

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