Looks as though my laptop arrived just in time – the home PC shut off the other day while Hubby was working, and now is stubbornly refusing to do anything (even to turn on). I have consulted my great computer gurus and the general concensus is that it needs a new power supply, which I have been assured is a fairly easy fix. I have a feeling that I will be performing computer surgery, rather than Hubby, because as he was telling me about the computer struggles last night, he was pouting, “I should have been alive 50 years ago when you didn’t NEED a computer to do every thing!”

Poor Hubby.

I, on the other hand, love the digital age – would be LOST if my computer spontaneously went kaput, and would be up all night with whoever I needed to be talking at in order to fix it. Yeah, we know who wears the pocket protector in this family, don’t we? The thing is, I’m not even that technologically-savvy. I would just be lost without my email, my instant messaging, all my favorite blog-reads, and the snarky posts at Go Fug Yourself. I might even be going through withdrawal. I guess, to that point, I have to say, Better him than me, right?

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  1. Wow.. it must be the week for power supplies, my DH just figured out that that is what is wrong with my computer. Why it keeps restarting spontaneously.

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