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The Princess alternates between telling me super duper fantastic things about kindergarten… and telling me she hates it. It’s definitely a lot to get used to: new building, new kids, lunch in a cafeteria, riding the bus. As I suspected, friendswise, she’s not hurting. At soccer practice on Wednesday, she immediately connected with a buddy from her class – then asked me later when the girl could come to our house and spend the night. So, she’s definitely not lonely… which is good.

She came home on the first day telling me, “Mom – did you know that 1 is an odd number?” Granted, she couldn’t tell me what an even number was, but, hey, she’s only 5. I don’t remember learning odd and even numbers in kindergarten (to be honest, all I remember from kindergarten was playing a game called Don’t Break the Ice, where there was a blue frame, and white block pieces and you had a little plastic guy sitting on the “ice”. With a little hammer, you took turns banging out the blocks one-by-one until the blocks all fell out and the plastic dude fell thru the “ice”… Obviously in the days before No Child Left Behind).

Yesterday, she had Gym for the first time and she didn’t like the PE teacher. She said, “He’s too loud and he talks too fast.” The Princess has always been hypersensitive to noise for some reason – she doesn’t like things to be too loud (with the exception of Radio Disney, which she doesn’t mind blaring), so it’s not a surprise that Mr. G annoyed her.

We packed a lunch Tuesday, and yesterday she opted for hot lunch (against my better judgement: I think school lunches are crap, and I intend for this to be an occasional thing only). She was pretty excited about that. Since the kids only get a super short time for lunch – as in, 20 minutes from the time they leave their classroom until they have to be back in the classroom – I’m not sure why she’d want to spend the bulk of the time standing in line. But… she’s 5. She also thinks knock-knock jokes are the ultimate in entertainment.

In other news – Pumpkin was up 3 times last night, and I really should be crabbier, except Dell has redeemed itself by changing the status of my order to SHIPPED. (Finally!). Also, since I’m in gadget acquiring mode, I’ll be venturing to the Apple Store for one of the new iPod Nano’s today. I wanted to order it online, but to be honest – I can’t tell what the new colors are looking like. Looks like a silver, black, red, turquoise and maybe a minty green? It’s hard telling – so, after naptime, we’ll venture out and spoil me today. (And if the girls are holding up alright, I may just stop and get The Princess a new raincoat – she is wearing one two sizes too small because the one in her size is Dora the Explorer and she is SO over Dora, that she’d rather be in a size 3 coat than be seen wearing Dora in public…. Joy).

TGIF, everyone!

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  1. Did you get a new iPod ? What color did you choose ?


  2. I got a silver 8 gb nano. I am not wild about the new colors… They now have Project(Red), black, turquoise, minty green, and silver. I was debating between silver and black, and The Princess said silver was prettier. 😉

  3. My hubby said he heard they’re going to be coming out with a new iPod that has an FM radio, so Im holding out for that one. 😉

    Congrats on your new shiny silver iPod !


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