The Mini Vacay Highs & Lows


  • Not having to cook for over 24 hours
  • Rock & Roll Hall of Fame’s exhibit about The Doors
  • Movies about rock & roll and song lyrics – funny, relevant, and entertaining
  • The sign at the bar where we had lunch Saturday: “Every man needs a wife because there are many things that happen that can’t be blamed on the government.” It was sexist as all get out, but hilarious
    Shopping at Trader Joe’s – it might seem stupid, but we don’t have one here, so it was fun to check it out
  • Getting roses from Hubby at Trader Joe’s
  • Vegging in the hotel whirlpool


  • Being in the car for 9+ hours over the weekend
  • Missing the kids
  • All the reading at Rock Hall – many exhibits, many pieces of paper, lots of reading. I love to read, but I don’t want to read every phone message that every kid of someone in a band wrote down
  • Hubby’s hotel pick – it was nasty, it was skeevy, it was scary. We ended up looking for a new hotel because I didn’t want to sleep there!
  • The brats in the hotel whirlpool – apparently none of the parents could read the sign that said “Guests under 18 years of age not permitted” because Hubby and I brought up the average age of people in the whirlpool to about 20. After getting kicked and bumped repeatedly by kids SWIMMING in the whirlpool, Hubby told them if they wanted to swim, to go in the pool. Most of them did (thank goodness!).
  • Not sleeping in, still! No kids, nothing to do, and still, we were up by 6! Yikes!
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