Yeah, I Know… It’s Pretty Impressive

By 11 a.m. yesterday, the girls and I had:

* gone to the dance studio in an attempt to pick up the DVD of The Princess’s recital, only to find out that they didn’t open for another 20 minutes

* went to Target to stock up on some essentials for our trip: sunscreen, laundry detergent (so I can wash everything prior to our trip – I’m NOT doing laundry while I’m away from home!), travel packs of peanut butter, and the like

* to Best Buy to use up a gift card we got FOR CHRISTMAS (Yeah, like seven months ago – that’s how slow we are) towards a portable DVD player. I know, I know – kids survived for years on road trips without getting to watch TV in the car, but I’m not gonna be the one to tell Pumpkin that she can’t watch Dora for several days. No thank you. Oh, and to make it seem less goofy: we will be staying where there is no DVD player, and we want to show our family the DVD from The Princess’s dance recital which we got when we…

* went BACK to the dance studio, which was now open, to pick up the DVD

* headed home to make lunch for the kiddo’s

Whew. And that was just the morning! It ended up being gloomy outside in the afternoon, so The Princess decided she needed to pack for the trip. She was like a crazy lady, the way she packs. I had to tell her to maybe postpone packing her toothbrush, as she’ll probably need to use it before we leave… ON FRIDAY. Oy. Nice that they are excited, though. I’ll be tossing my stuff in the bag on Friday morning as we are about to run out the door, I’m sure!

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  1. You’ll never hear me say anything about portable DVD players. I have one in my van and another separate one from the van we owned before this one that didn’t have one. They are a dream come true on long trips.

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