So, My Toe Feels a Bit Better…

This weekend, I really wanted to go to a movie, but my sniffling and snorting made me think I had best postpone those plans until I was feeling slightly more well. I ended up renting Catch & Release, which I wanted to like, I really did – but it was bad. Very bad. I want to like Jennifer Garner, because I think it’s cool that she keeps covered up and seems so normal. The movie also had Kevin Smith – who I generally like. But seriously? Ick.


This morning, The Princess telling me about this show on TV: the embarassing bears. (Took a minute – I figured it out – she was referring to “The Berenstain Bears”). That girl.


It’s hotter than hot here. Supposed to hit 90 today and I’m not sure what the humidity is, but I am opting to sit inside in the A/C until Hubby gets home. We may try to get Pumpkin in my mother’s pool again. If not, we’re all putting on our swimsuits and lounging in my new bathtub with cool water, because – I HATE SUMMER AND IT’S TOO HOT.


There’s Chex Mix in the house and I just want to eat it all. I love Chex Mix. It’s addictive. I just don’t like those brown rye chippy things. But I eat them anyway because I’m a Chex Mix addict.


My friend is getting married on Saturday and so I have to figure out how I’m gonna juggle my weekly stuff that I normally have going on, my work stuff, getting a Mystic Tan (Hi Emily!), getting my eye brows waxed, maybe getting a pedicure, deciding what kind of hair do I want, and… Oy. Oh – and be a mom, too. I’m gonna need a weekend after my weekend.

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  1. I saw that movie in the theater and didn’t hate it. I agree it wasn’t great so I can see how renting it would be disappointing. It was a little better in the theater. What I remember most from that one was 1)J.Garners reaction to the people having sex in the bathroom and 2) how nice the town they lived in was. It made me want to move there.

    Ha, good luck with the tan.

  2. Made me want to go to Boulder, too!

  3. The embarrassing bears. That is awesome. It made me laugh! mmmm. chex mix. For me it is a Christmas food. But I do love the stuff.

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