Paint It Black

So, there’s a black wall in my kitchen right now. And it’s seriously irking me because… I think it might be all for naught.

When we put together the girls’ playroom, we used Rustoleum’s chalkboard paint, and it worked fabulously. I picked up some Magnetic Primer for the kitchen (which in theory is supposed to make my wall magnetic… so I can hang stuff on it, then you paint over it). After two coats, only one magnet will stick, and it sort of slid around and then slid to the floor. I just put a third coat on, and I think I have enough paint in the can for a fourth coat.

After that, if nothing sticks, I’m going to be mad mad mad.

ETA: I think the 3rd coat is helping. My magnet sticks AND stays. The fourth coat oughta do the trick. If anyone else decides to try this, know you’re gonna need a LOT of primer. Lots. And it’s a tiny little can, less than a quart for about $20.

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  1. what a cool idea. i hope it works for you!!!!!

  2. Farm Wife says

    I wondered how that stuff works…can you still paint your wall color over it, or does it have to stay black?

  3. I’ll soon find out (and post). That’s the next project. They SAY you can paint your regular color right over it – but it seems to me it would take a bit to cover the black.

    The kids all sorta want to make another chalkboard wall (I’m not entirely opposed to that) – that’s ALSO black, and if we go that route, I’m less worried about coverage… We’ll see. I’ll have to do smoething soon though. I finally just started the project so I could get ONE MORE THING off my stinking to-do list! ; )

  4. I love this. You are trying all the paints I want to try before I try them and now I know what to expect.
    That rocks!

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