My Finger is NOT a Bagel

The receptionist at my doctor’s office informed me yesterday that perhaps breakfast preparation is not “my thing” and maybe, just maybe, I should stick to Cheerios. Yeah. Good thinking.

Yesterday, as I was cutting a bagel for breakfast I had the bagel in my left hand and the big old sharp knife in my right (I have since realized that perhaps this is not the most intelligent way to slice a bagel – hindsight being 20/20 and all). I was sawing through the bagel and Ack! Sliced the top of my left ring finger.




(And boy howdy, was that freakin’ stupid).

After wrapping up the wound with tons of gauze to stop the blood, I then proceeded to toast the evil bagel and eat it (Hubby was in fact pretty impressed: “Look on the bright side – you didn’t bleed on your breakfast!”). Then, called the doctor’s office.

Because the cut was so clean and I wasn’t quite sure how deep it was, I figured I’d better go be sure I didn’t need stitches. The PA who looked at it told me that because of its proximity to my finger nail, stitching would be extremely difficult, so I’ve got it held together with those little bitty steri-strips, and wrapped in gauze to keep it dry (So you can imagine how much fun I’m having typing – it’s like I’ve got a marshmallow at the end of my finger – me and the Backspace key are buddies today).

As I was gearing to leave the office, the receptionist says, “First the cocoa, and now this…” Okay. I know. I’m not the most graceful being first thing in the morning. Haven’t I suffered enough? Insult to injury and all that?!

Today, I’m doing better – the finger still hurts a bit, but it looks worse than it feels, and that’s a good thing. I will be investing in one of those fancy-schmancy bagel cutter things. Or…. buy presliced bagels. Breakfast is just not my thing.

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  1. weavermom says

    I don’t think you have to feel TOO bad. At one point, at least, accidents slicing bagels was the number one reason for ER visits. 😉

    Hope it feels better soon!

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