Mama Bear is Riled Up

The Princess came home from a friend’s house this evening, upset that her friend had another friend over, and the two little girls essentially “ganged up” on my girl, causing her to feel left out, hurting her feelings, and really making her feel bad.

I’m a girl. I know girls do this. It sucks. And I really REALLY tried to not gloss it over and completely hate on the little neighbor (brat!) who made my kid feel this way.

But, when she tells my daughter to “take all the ants out of the sandbox” and THEN she can play with them?

I’m mad. What a little snot. This mama bear is just ticked.

The thing is, I know that by tomorrow, The Princess will have forgotten this. She’ll be fine. She’ll be wanting to play with her buddy again, and I’ll have to keep my mouth shut and not get upset that she is basically putting herself in the (figurative) line of fire again. I’m struggling because my girl is only 5, and it’s just gonna get worse.


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