I Got Nothin’

I’ve got some writer’s block, so I’m here… but… quiet.

Seems like life is getting away with me these days. Summer is not the fun it was back when I was in school and summer meant no teachers, no work, no nothing. Instead, summer for me now is more work, as The Princess is home all day every day, rather than at school, and I’m trying to coordinate things to do to keep us all from going nutso. (School starts September 4!)

The 90 degree weather we’ve had hasn’t helped. The humidity makes it completely miserable to be outside, and face it, I’m not really an outdoor-girl anyway. Today, we’re expecting temps in the mid-70s, which is bearable and even pleasant, as far as I’m concerned. Bring it on. Might be nice for the kids to get outside a bit.

To add to my “joy”, Stepson is here for a full week this week. This is always stress-inducing because Hubby works full time and we’ve had to juggle just exactly where Stepson will be and when. Fact is, I can’t watch all three kids all day and survive! The Princess and Stepson fight quite constantly (which annoys me to no end, to be perfectly honest – he antagonizes her quite a bit, and she gives it right back). It gets too hard to have all three kids, when I have a bit of a groove for my two, so Hubby has had to do some shuffling with his schedule to make it work.

I’ll be back when I’m “unblocked.”

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