Here Comes the Rain Again

For the past several days, I have been doing a mental rain dance hoping the rains would fall and cool down the blistering (okay, it’s only been like 80-some degrees, but, that’s TOO HOT) heat. Par for the course, the rains and storms began in the middle of the night last night. Lovely. A loud booming storm that knocked the power out, shook the house, and woke The Princess. And me. And once I was up, I was up. Hubby and I ran around the house unplugging computers and that type of thing (surge protectors – whatever – you only have to have it fry your computer once before you get paranoid!).

Pumpkin was up oh-so early today before Hubby had to leave for work. Like six a.m. Then The Princess (who was still up at nearly 10 p.m. last night) was up by 6:30. I knew it was not going to be a good day with all of us functioning on less than the needed amount of sleep.

I was not wrong.

To be fair, Pumpkin and The Princess did amuse themselves for a good chunk of time this morning putting pull-ups on their heads and saying, “I’m a Pull-Up Head!” By 10, I was already stir crazy, already ready to jump out of my skin with cabin fever, so I did what any self-respecting mom would do (read: any self-respecting mom who is too tired too coordinate art projects and make playdough from stuff in the pantry): we took a trip to Target. Now, don’t lecture me on driving while tired – because too tired kids in the car means enough whining that there was no way I was going to nod off behind the wheel. Radio Disney wasn’t working today so The Princess was VERY upset at havnig to listen to “that yucky music” that I like. Pumpkin was getting mad at her sandals. The drive felt longer than usual.

Strolling through Target was a quick jaunt – I didn’t need much – graduation cards, birthday cards, peanut butter. I didn’t even do my frivolous impulse shopping (unless you count the pack of gum I bought). I really just needed to be somewhere other than the house.

Pumpkin conked out on the way home and is snoozing. The Princess got an invite to play with her little buddy. Quiet in the house. Except for the thunder starting to rumble outside. I am so hoping the storm doesn’t interrupt naptime – for Pumpkin… or me.

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  1. ooh, send some of that rain south, please! it’s muggy here, supposed to get up to 87… scattered t-storms possible. we need the kind of rain the freshens things up, NOT the kind that leaves things muggier than efore it appeared.

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