The Princess’s preschool teachers have done it again. Not only did they try to totally get one over on us with telling the kids about the stupid gift-giving leprechauns, on Monday, the last day of school, The Princess’s teacher made sure ALL the kids knew about a pool party at the house of one of the kids.

Yeah, I knew about the pool party, but was keeping mum about it. Didn’t really want to go, didn’t want to haul two kids and have to be on guard around the pool (The Princess isn’t scared of water, and with “swimmies” on, can do fine – but she can’t swim yet… and Pumpkin? Ain’t NO WAY I’m getting in a bathing suit to get in a pool with her in front of all the preschool parents. Nope. Not happening. And she would definitely want to be in the pool if the big kids were). It’s only supposed to be about 72 degrees today. Which is a nice temperature… but hardly “pool weather”.

So, the lovely teacher mentioned the party, and The Princess has been counting down to it ever since Monday.

And I still don’t want to go.

Today, when she got dressed, she put on her swimsuit. When I said it wasn’t “swimming weather”, she cried. Loudly.

I have no idea what to do at this point. She really wants to go. I do not (There was also an incident last week with one of her classmates that has since been resolved after I had a little chat with his mother because he is a touchy boy who can’t keep his hands to himself, and to be honest, though we worked it out, I don’t want to be around her or her kid socially right now – on top of ALL the other reasons I don’t want to go).

Edited to Add: Forgot totally that I had a conference call that made attending the party a no-go. The Princess was upset. Said “mommy dumpy” and “mommy’s work is stupid!”. She was quite upset. I get it – I do. Another one of the moms I spoke with said that at school on Monday, ALL THEY DID was talk about the party. Duh. Thanks so much. Anyway – Hubby is taking her out for her free Coldstone ice cream cone right now. So she’s getting fun time with dad… and Pumpkin and I are chilling at home.

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