Why I’m A Tremendous Cranky-Pants

1. It’s too hot. By 9:30 this morning, it was already 75 degrees. And it wasn’t done heating up yet. It’s nearly 11 now, and I’m roasting. I am content with 75 degrees. It would be fine if it didn’t get any hotter – BUT – it was hot yesterday and due to get hotter today. And I don’t like hot.

2. I’ll be straight up blunt – I’m a tad hormonal. Yesterday, my shorts didn’t fit (retaining water, much?) and today they were snug, and let’s just face it: starting your day having to squeeze your heinie into shorts is never good.

3. I went to get my oil changed after The Princess left for school. Pumpkin screamed almost the whole time we were there. I hate that. The plus side to that (because I’m not all glass-half-empty today) is that the guys working on the car so much wanted to get me out of there that they didn’t give me any grief about how I was oh… about a thousand miles overdue for my oilchange. And they didn’t give me a list of things I needed to fix on the car (also good).

4. It cost $60 to fill up my van this morning. YIKES! That’s just crazy. Thank goodness we stay pretty local – that tank of gas should last a week, week and a half.

5. Did I mention that I’m just hormonal and moody? It’s like I can’t help being crabby. And we have no chocolate. Why don’t we have any chocolate? If we had chocolate, I would totally understand my clothes not fitting, but we don’t. So they should.

6. The Princess is now five, so yesterday, her smartybutt response to anything I told her to do was, “I don’t have to do that! I’m five!” as if the rules cease when she turned five.
“Princess, stop standing on the chair!”
“I don’t have to! I’m FIVE!”

“Princess, it’s almost time for bed.”
“I get to stay up late now. I’m FIVE.”


7. I have to do the pick up portion of carpool, which means I have to wake Pumpkin up from her nap in order to go pick up Princess and Boy. That sucks. I hate waking up a sleeping kid, even though…

8. Pumpkin didn’t sleep well AT ALL last night. Consequently, Hubby and I did not either. She didn’t seem to want anything. She’d wake up, want to be held, then said, “Night night.” Put her in bed, five to ten minutes of quiet, then the screaming started again. Given that I was feeling like death (oh, cramps too, by the way – lucky me), I got up with her a few times, but then gave up. As did Hubby, who finally just shut all the bedroom doors at about 2:30 and let her cry herself to sleep. (I’m actually really glad I was zonked out by then with a pillow over my head). Of course, I peeked in her mouth today and it looks like maybe… more teeth.

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Sarah is a book nerd, a music lover, an endorphin junkie, a coffee addict. Oh, and a goof ball. She writes, she tweets, and she sings off key.


  1. I feel your pain, we’ve got a 2006 Chevy Uplander minivan and it’s been costing us over 70 bucks to fill it the past few weeks! Insane!

  2. I’d pass some leftover dove chocolate eggs to you if i could… my new pill (kariva) seems to be helping my symptoms, except for the bloatiness, but i am still not happy to be hormonal.

    you know, i’ve heard that it’s normal for women who hang out together to have their cycles start coinciding… surely that’s not true in cyberspace? sheeesh!

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