Thursday High – Lows

Every night, The Princess and I chat about the best and worst parts of our days. It’s a tradition – sometimes the highs are deep, insightful things. Sometimes not (Today, she’s geeked about a new lamp Hubby bought her).

So, here are mine to share with you all:

1. Hubby? Who’s that? He had to be to work at 7. Came home for about 15 minutes before dashing out to his softball game. At least, I think it was him. He was moving so fast, it was kind of a blur.

2. Realizing that there is no way I can stretch the batch of brownies to feed The Princess’s whole class tomorrow… so I had to quick bake something else (Actually, I had enough to feed the kids, not enough for the teachers – and they look like they like brownies. A lot).

3. When Stepson and The Princess got into a fight this morning which involved throwing Pumpkin’s wet diaper that I had just changed and had not yet tossed in the trash. BOTH of them really ought to have known better. He really should have (at 11). Seriously, a flying pee-filled Pamper is an omen of some sort. Generally, not a good one. Which brings me to…

4. I had an allergic reaction to my new cleanser. Which sucks. I have little bumps on my chin. I hate that.

1. My sister took The Princess out for ice cream. Now, it’d have been even better if, oh, I was invited too, but… I think The Princess sometimes gets bogged down feeling like she misses out because she’s sharing all the good stuff with Pumpkin. Sometimes, I really dig that she gets to do something special on her own.

2. Planning and picking the kind of cake we’ll be making for The Princess’s birthday party.

3. A great email from a friend.

4. At about 7:30 tonight, Pumpkin grabbed her stuffed animals and told me, “Go bed now.” Her vocabulary is exploding and the fact that she’s this little verbal powerhouse is just amazing. I love this stage. We’re still struggling sometimes to understand what she’s saying (The Princess is by far the best at translating), but it’s amazing. She’s speaking in sentences and saying words I never even knew she knew!

Anyone else – good stuff going on lately?

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