She Has Taken Her Bow and the Curtain Came Down

Dance class and the experiences are officially: O-V-E-R.

Today was The Princess’s recital and by golly, what a long long long day it was. Before the 1 p.m. recital, I arranged for my sister to do The Princess’s hair (which involved curling it all… The Princess has very straight hair, but my sister, the aspiring cosmetologist found that spraying the heck out of it with Aqua Net seemed to let it hold the curl. I also didn’t wash her hair last night, so it was just a touch on the dirty side. Nice). While Sis was doing the hair, I was trying to make myself presentable, pack up The Princess’s stuff (tap shoes, ballet slippers, t-shirt for the finale number, card for her teacher, makeup for touchups – gag). Once the bag was packed, I applied her make up while Sis finished curling and spraying.

I quick had The Princess throw down some lunch, we got her in her costume, and we hurried out the door to get her to the auditorium. I was hoping to deposit her backstage, run to the local florists and get her some pretty after-dance flowers, and come back for curtain-up… but once I got through the chaos of parking (it was NUTS!), got her checked in backstage (I gotta give them credit – they had a great great system for checking in the younger kids that really eased my mind about leaving her there – AWESOME), and checked the time, there was NO way I was going to have time to leave and come back.

So, of course, the studio had a florist there. And I paid too much for a pink rose for my kid so she would have it after the show.

Hubby arrived just before the show started with Pumpkin and Stepson. My mom and her husband came too. We sat in the auditorium which was stuffed to the gills. This is always where I wish I was better at doing math in my head – if there are x seats and the studio charged $12 each for tickets, how much money are they taking us for?

Curtain came up late, but The Princess’s number was early in the show. My goodness, seeing my kid on stage was exciting for me. But, I have to say, she could’ve been making a PB&J up there, instead of dancing and I’d have still been proud. The auditorium was packed with people and she didn’t seem to be nervous at all. I know she didn’t get that from me. She danced her little heart out, she bowed, and shuffled offstage… and then…

I had to sit through another TWO HOURS of show (plus a ten minute intermission, during which Hubby left with Pumpkin and Stepson, and my mom and her husband left, leaving me sitting alone with a bunch of empty seats surrounding me) until all the girls took the stage for the finale, did their little bows, and the curtain came down.

She did a great job – I’m not kidding – my girl has definitely got some stage presence (which will come in handy when she’s the President of the United States in thirty-some years). She had a blast, but we are both glad it’s over. We came home and she wore her costume all afternoon and all night until it was time to get her changed into pajamas for bed. That may be her most expensive play outfit yet.

While it hasn’t always been the best experience, and though we’ll be moving on to a different activity in the fall, I’m glad she tried it and was able to decide if it was for her or not. Next fall, she’ll be tackling soccer (Hubby was a soccer champ in high school and is hoping to find her inner Mia Hamm), and maybe, if schedules and sanity permits, gymnastics again. We’ll see. For now, I’m just going to enjoy being activity-free for the next few months.

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  1. Anonymous says

    How exciting to see her up on stage for the actual performance. Glad it went well !

    I’ve loved reading all about it. 🙂

    Hope you guys enjoy the next few activity-free months.

    Congrats to your little Star !


  2. So glad you survived! I must say, I’m glad my friend’s daughter’s dance studio doesn’t require people to pay to go to the recital! I don’t think I would have gone to her performances if they did!

  3. weavermom says

    Yay! 🙂

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