Questions from Zann

Zann was gracious enough to share some questions with me because it seems we all have blogger’s block lately – and frankly, I definitely needed the distraction from life.

1. What invention that has not yet been invented other than in your head or imagination would you like to see invented?
A robot that changes poopy diapers would be fantastic. I really hate that – I have a freakish sense of smell, and it offends my olfactory senses to be right up in there changing the stink. Self cleaning toilets would be great too (and without that weird freaky stuff that turns the water blue, because I really don’t like that). I’m not much for the potty chores. I’m all for inventions that eliminate my dealings with it!

2. Who would you trade places with (like in Freaky Friday) for one week if it was possible to do so?
I could be vain and say I’d love to be someone known for her looks (but not Angelina Jolie because she has like 100 children and if I’m gonna be someone else, I don’t want to be bogged down with MORE kids), because I’d love to know that people who are thought to be so gorgeous maybe have not so good days too. But that sounds superficial (hey, I never said I wasn’t). I could be serious and say The President, because in a week I think if I had a position of power, I could do some good…
Hard question. My brain hurts.

3. What is your favorite Children’s book from your childhood? From your children’s childhood?
I have always loved reading. As a kid, I remember my mom reading “Goodnight Moon” to me. I still adore that book. Once I was able to read on my own, I fell in love with the Betsy books, then Beverly Cleary’s Ramona books, and then anything by Judy Blume. I cannot wait til my girls are old enough to read the Ramona books.

Needless to say, we have LOTS of kids’ books in our house. Reading is so so so important to me, and I’m trying to instill the love of reading in my kids. The Princess has a book called “Don’t Grownups Ever Have Fun” – which is hilarious. I love reading it because it is so true to life – the kids wake up mom and dad early (“We don’t waste time sleeping when there’s a zillion things to do!”), they hate cleaning, they want to “help” around the house… It’s adorable. We also have a book called “I Like Myself” by Karen Beaumont, which is to sort of instill a self esteem and sense that the exterior stuff doesn’t matter – that it’s all the amazing things on the inside that make a person who they are. (I should practice what I preach, eh?). But I do adore that book. Great illustrations, great message.

4. You get to choose your superpower – what would it be?
I think I might like to read minds. I know that when I ask Hubby what he’s thinking and he says, “nothing” that he’s really thinking SOMETHING. And I want to know what it is.

Or maybe I don’t.

5. You are on death row (don’t ask me what you did) what would you request as your last meal?
I just read a book that said that the last meal has a dollar limit (at least in Oklahoma – the prison system being discussed in this book). The dollar amount there is about $15. I figure I’m not getting a gourmet last meal for $15. BUT.

Fifteen bucks could buy a decent amount of ice cream and brownies and whipped cream. I would want a humongous brownie sundae. And then I would want them to quick put me out of my misery before I got that post-dessert-oh-I-ate-too-much bloat.

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  1. great answers! Your children’s books are two I’m not familiar with. Will have to look them up (I’m a collector of kids books) should DH and I ever be blessed with children – they will be well read ;P

    Well.. now if only I had read your blog before posting in mine, I would have written that what I have learned today is that there is a dollar limit on last meals in Oklahoma. I did not know that until now.

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