It’s 4 p.m. – Do You Know Where Your Kids Are?

MY kids are in their brand new (to them) play room. A happy related effect of Hubby and I moving into our new bedroom is that our old bedroom now becomes (drum roll, please): The PLAYROOM!

All the oodles and piles of toys that have been living in my living room for the past… oh… almost FIVE years have now been relocated to the room formerly known as the master bedroom.


I know that now this room will always look like Toys R Us exploded in it, but I really don’t care (for now) because I can just shut the door and not look at the chaos. You can’t just do that when the chaos is in your living room. I’ve painted a chalkboard on one wall, and we picked up a bunch of yardsticks to “frame” the chalkboard. We may tweak and perk the place up some, but basically – I’m not too worried. I am ready to reclaim my living room.

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  1. Farm Wife says

    I’m simply pea green with envy! A playroom…oh the wish of every mom! But does it leak (as in toys into the rest of the house).

  2. I highly anticipate some leakage into the rest of the house. BUT. It’s still better than the toys living in the living room.

    I’ll have to take a picture of the playroom and post it soon. It’s already a disaster area. But, the girls love it, so Mission Accomplished.

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