8 Random Facts about Me

Catching the wave from all the others who are doin’ it (and NO, if you were jumping off a bridge, I wouldn’t do it too).

1. I was in the musical “Oklahoma!” my junior year of high school. It involved wearing a frilly peach dress, too much stage makeup and doing choreography with a parasol. The lingering “Oklahoma!” effect is that I can still sing all the lyrics to most of the tunes from the show: “Chicks and ducks and geese better scurry….” [Fun side note: Hubby was in the same show. Can’t remember if he had a speaking part or not. We weren’t really getting along then.]

2. I moved to Michigan when I was 13 years old. Previously, I had lived in the Bay Area in California. We moved here not long after the quake of 1989 (you know, the one that caused part of the San Francisco Bay Bridge to collapse? Some scary stuff). It’s odd to me that I am now more Michigander than Californian.

3. I have a weird obsession lately with microwave kettle corn. Love the stuff. I’m sure it’s loaded with stuff that is ultimately going to make me grow tumors in weird places, but, I can’t help it. It’s yummy.

4. If Hubby hadn’t gotten a say, I would have named The Princess “Julia”. He hated the name though. If I hadn’t gotten a say, he’d have named her Montana. I hate the name Montana – seems kind of like a stripper-name.

5. If Pumpkin had been a boy, I won naming rights because while I was pregnant for her, Hubby crashed his car… again. He seems to crash a lot, actually. He has learned not to give me grief about my driving, because, hey! I’m not crashing. Anyway, I’d have named her Nicholas. He hated that. Said they would call her “Icky Nicky” and a bunch of other gruesome things (and he got really creative, let me tell ya). Fortunately, she was a girl. Picking her name involved about a billion emails back and forth to narrow our list down, but… what fun. I will say that she is NOT: Alexa, Dylan, Jordan, or Kyla. Names that were on the list, but didn’t make the cut (And I will say that I’m not 100% wild about her name like I was with The Princess’s… Wonder if that’s common for second kids).

6. I hate swimming. Sure, I’ll splash around in a pool for a bit, and I CAN swim. But I don’t like it.

7. I played flute through elementary, junior high and most of high school. I picked it because it could fit in my backpack. I never really got any good at it because I didn’t like to practice. Slacker.

8. Though I hate feet, and I hate people touching my feet, I sure do love a good pedicure. They make me happy. And though I’m deliriously ticklish, I never get the giggles when I’m getting a pedi. (Man, I really should schedule an appointment – that sounds really lovely, doesn’t it?!).

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Sarah is a book nerd, a music lover, an endorphin junkie, a coffee addict. Oh, and a goof ball. She writes, she tweets, and she sings off key.


  1. Hey, very impressive! So nice to have found this blog of yours, so interesting. I sure hope and wish that you take courage enough to pay me a visit in my PALAVROSSAVRVS REX!, and plus get some surprise. My blog is also so cool!

  2. Ha! DH and I have had that same conversation about the name Nicholas (during our one and only conversation on names we like) I love it, he hates it. How strange that we have something as weird as that in common. That and I agree with you on the name Montana.

    I also love the microwave kettle corn (I have a box in my drawer here at work if you would like some 😉 ). But I mostly just eat it in the fall. Something about fall that calls for kettle corn to me.

  3. Farm Wife says

    I am obsessed with Act II Kettle corn…Yummy…maybe tonight I’ll pop some up.

    Totally agree with you on the Montana thing…too funny! I wanted to use the name Nathaniel, but Husband vetoed it every time. Bitsy’s name is actually one I’ve suggested with EVERY pregnancy. I finally won one.

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