Quotable Pumpkin

To be fair, Pumpkin is expanding her vocabulary daily, and today was no different. She gave her big sis a big smooch and The Princess said, “Hey mom, that was a nice dry kiss!” and Pumpkin said, “Good Job!”

Me: Pumpkin, where’s your cup?
Pumpkin: In backpack.
(that’s her answer to everything, by the way, if you are trying to find something. Blame Dora – everything is in Dora’s backpack!).

Pumpkin (In the grocery store, walking past the crackers): Fish! Fish! (while doing the ASL sign for fish when we saw goldfish crackers – and yeah, I bought them!).

She’ll also say: yuck, peanut butter, molar, and other assorted weird words.

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  1. Fun!!!! How old is she? (I should know by now.)

  2. She’s just a smidge over 20 months.

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